Where is the appendix in humans
The organs of the gastrointestinal tract of a person are located almost throughout the body, since the gastrointestinal tract begins from the mouth and ends with the anus. Before the anus are the large and small intestines. The large intestine reaches a length of approximately 2 m and is divided into ascending, descending and collapse, blind, sigmoid and rectum.
Those who ask where the appendicitis in humans is located, they have in mind a small cherve -shaped process, which is located at the end of the cecum and is called appendix. The length of the appendix is ​​approximately 9 cm. It consists of almost all of the lymphoid tissue, which is necessary for the body to perform functions that protect the cecum.
Where is the appendix in humans: on the right or left
In fact, the question “where is the appendix in humans” cannot be considered correctly formulated, since the appendicitis is not called the process of the cecum, but its inflammation. However, many people are used to just such a wording, which sometimes leads to confusion between these concepts.
The department of the cecum, at the end of which is the appendix, is placed in a person on the right side of the iliac region. The place where the appendicitis is in a person can vary a little, but very rarely goes beyond the specified anatomical region.
What symptoms speak of appendicitis
The symptoms that the appendicitis cause are in great variety. In many ways, the manifestations of this disease depend on where the appendicitis is in a person, what morphological changes occur in it, in what condition the patient’s health is and how many years old is, as well as from the presence of any other pathologies in the body.
Typically, appendicitis begins with severe stupid pains in the umbilical region or in the upper abdomen. After a few hours, the pain gradually shifts to the right side and as a result stops in the place where the inflamed appendix is ​​located. In some cases, the localization of the pain focus may occur on the side or near the pubis.
Another rather bright symptom of appendicitis is nausea, which is sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Adult patients most often cost only one attack of vomiting, but there may be several children in children. If the patient is convenient to lie only on the right side with clenched legs, and when turning on the left side, the pain on the right intensifies, then this also indicates inflammation of the appendix. To become rich, you do not have to go to work every day. In a very different way, you can open up not less, but even more. That's thanks to sites like spinaway casino . Just give it a try and you will understand business and such. It is a thing of the past and now people are making big bucks.
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