Odniece and multi -tier twins
Each month, one egg matures in the woman’s body, which can be fertilized, thereby conceiving a child. But sometimes two or more eggs ripen, then this amazing miracle occurs-the origin of two or more children. Let's figure out a little more why some pairs of twins are similar to each other to the smallest subtleties, while others look just like ordinary brothers or sisters.
Odino Gemini
Why this happens, scientists have not yet understood the end. One egg is fertilized with one sperm, begins to share and gets into the uterus. So far there is nothing unusual. But then a miracle occurs - the egg is divided into two identical parts, each of which begins to grow independently.
Moreover, if such a division occurred in the first week after conception, then both fruits will develop in the womb as multi -tier twins - each in its “world” from the amniotic fluid and placenta.
But if the separation occurs somewhat later, then the embryos divide the living space of the maternal womb completely in half and develop in the same environment. In this case, the similarity in children will be observed in almost everything, up to the similarity of fingerprints.
The "true" one -native twins are often called the clone of the same person. Conceived by one sperm and one egg, they are incredibly similar to each other. Such children have one floor, one hair color, facial features, growth, physiological features, etc. The fact that even their smell is so identical is interesting that even dogs can confuse twins.
The “false” twins are also very similar to each other, but unlike the “true” twins, they develop and grow from the very moment of conception as ordinary brothers and sisters born at the same time.
Multi -tier twins
The most important difference between the concepts of one -eatery and multi -tier twins is that when a woman simultaneously matures two eggs, two spermatozoa participate in their fertilization. That is, from the very first moment the genetic features of such children differ.
During the period of intrauterine development, each fruit-two is formed in their placental shell, with sometimes far from similar conditions of development. Therefore, the differences in the physical development of such children can be quite noticeable, despite the fact that they have hereditary genes from one father and mother.
It is among the multi -tier twins who are simultaneously born to a brother and sister, such children can be either similar to each other externally and completely different, as a rule, they form excellent character traits. In addition, the subconscious “fraternal” connection that exists between all pairs of twins can manifest itself to a lesser extent in multi -tier twins.
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