2pcs Perfect jeans leggings / 25242

8.00 $

These fine jeans leggings ensure that your body looks slimmer and tighter than normal leggings. Normal leggings often sign very much and that Slim N lift does not. He is ideal because he is very comfortable and he looks very trendy and stylish. Because of the flexible, yet sturdy fabric these pants support your contours perfectly.
The pantleg has a waistband that is higher and wider than with normal jeans, this will flatter your stomach and any love handles will disappear. After wearing these Caresse jeans you never want to be different! All in all .. this Slim N Lift Caresse jeans legging is a must have for every ladies wardrobe.

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34/36-M, 38/40-L, 42/44-XL, 46/48-XXL