16G SD Card
installation steps
FULL HD 1080P 2
24-hour parking monitoring
Front camerra
FULL HD 1080P 3
Full 6 Glasses Lens
FULL HD 1080P 4
Rear Camara Installation
Rear camera cable 6 meters
Waterproof Rear Camera
Dark Area

4 inch IPS DVR Dash Camera Cam Full HD Video Recorder Registrator Auto Dual Cameras for In Cars Dashcam Vehicle Black DVRs Box / 62511

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Features and specifications

Key features:
> Record HD 1080P Video
Record HD Video in 1080P mode. using 150-degree wide-angle infrared filter glass imports 6 glass lens, 25mm Wide Angle front camera lens,capture all the action in crystal clear HD video. Video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop and saved in memory card. Record traffic incidents, scenic travel, unexpected moments or any social media worthy video,Support TF memory Card Up to 32GB

> Dual Cam Simultaneously Recording and Rear view camera support
This Car DVR has two cameras that allows for simultaneously recording videos from two different angles. Picture in Picture display will let you have clear view from front and back-up camera.

>24-Hour Parking monitoring
Keep watching and protecting your vehicle when you leave,have 3 modes for minitor,can continue recording in time lapse, or automatic recording if anybody kick or walk by in front of your vehicle.

> Built in G-Shock Sensor
If a vehicle collision occurs, the build-in G-Shock sensor automatically locks the recorded video providing an accurate record of events.

> Rear Camera
the resolution of the rear camera is 720p(840*480),And the rear view camera is waterproof it can be applied to most of the car, you can reverse the camera installed directly behind the car, Installation is also very convenient.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR): for local exposure control frame (eliminates glare and dimming);
HDR High Dynamic treatment: either high light or dark light, can efficiently synthesize high-quality images, lifelike color reproduction.

1) Be sure to format new SD cards in the DVR MENU settings, not on a computer.
2) Be sure to use high-speed Class 10 memory cards, as others will indicate a full status if incompatible.
3) Only use it with out original charger. Do not use other car chargers.
4) If this camera has any issue, please contact us and we will assist you the best we can.

Showcase :

G-sensor/loop recording

Lock and save the current video automatically as evidence in case of a collision. Overwrite the earliest files when the card is full, except locked videos

150 Degree Wide Angle
Our this Video Resolution is 1920*1080P, it is meet with FHD Resolution. But for most Dvrs, it still can’t see the Licence plate in a long distance. Hope our buyer can understand!

Capture Every Moment in Detail
6-G lens with 1 infrared filter to block infrared rays and reduce glare,
making HD images sharper, clearer and more realistic. F1.8 large aperture captures 20% more light than F2.0

Reverse Image
The rearview camera powers on automatically when shifting into reverse gear, which ensures you a more than adequate view of what’s behind your car.It eliminates most of the blind spot.This will greatly improve traffic safety.

Dual Cam Simultaneously Recording
This Car DVR support two cameras that allows for simultaneously recording videos from two different angles.Two split view make you have clear view from front and back-up camera.

About Choosing The Length Of Rear Camera Cable
There are 2 lengths of rear camera (up to about 10 meters) can be chosen,suitable for cars of different lengths.Please choose the rear camera according to the length of your car

Loop Recording
When this feature is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video.However, videos under special conditions will not be overwritten, such as G-sensor, Parking Monitoring.

When your car is subjected to an impact or other emergency, the G sensor is triggered, so that the recorder immediately records and locks the video.

Motion Detection
With the motion detection function is enabled, when the Car DVR detects a moving object, it will automatically start recording video. When there is no moving object, it will stop recording and detect the moving object again.

About Video Time Lapse
Change 30 frames per second to 2 frame per second 16G SD card can completely store 24 hours of video
Back and back double recording and shrink video time

Buck Line
Use the buck line to not occupy the cigarette lighter interface.
First, connect the negative pole(black line) of the buck line to the ground of the car fuse box;
Secondly, if you want to continue monitoring after parking (the DVR works 24 hours), connect the positive pole(red line) of the buck line to the BAT interface of the car fuse box;
If you want to stop monitoring after parking (the DVR does not work after parking), connect the positive pole of the buck line to the fuse box ACC interface.

Wide Dynamic Range(WDR)
Double-composite image procese processing technology night vision king style showing natural high-definition picture

About Rear Camera Installation
Please connect the rear camera’s Red cable wire with your car reverse lamp power ‘s Positive pole(+). and then plug the car charger into the cigar lighter to power supply the car dvr.
When you get your car in Reverse Gear, the car dvr will automatically switch to the rear camera with parking line. Then the auto reversing function will work

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