1. Effectively reduces muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood circulation, improves body soft tissue health.

2. Deep massage, relax the fascia and tense muscles, quickly neutralize lactic acid produced after exercise.

3. 4 types of massage head, suitable for massaging muscle group of different body parts.

4. 6 speed adjustment, multi-frequency vibration design, high frequency, satisfy your muscle relaxation need.

5. Applicable to sore massage in multiple areas: waist, shoulders, arms, legs, etc.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Battery Capacity: 2000mah

Size: Approx.23 X 23.5cm / 9.1 x 9.3in(the size of the spherical head installed)

Optional Color: Red, Silver, Black

Ball head: suitable for massaging arms, waist and back

-shaped head: suitable for massage neck and spine

Cylindrical head: suitable for joints and hands

Flat head: suitable for joints and hands

Package List:

1 x Massage Gun

1 x Manual

1 x Ball Head

1 x Flat Head

1 x -shaped Head

1 x Cylindrical Head