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Back and body shaver / 20485

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The Easiest Do-It-Yourself back shaver in the world with an S-shaped ergonomic design giving you a full range of motion, so you can shave those hard to reach areas. There are a number of mens back hair shavers on the market to date.

However, the baKblade 2.0 is a unique patented mens back shaver that allows the user to dry shave or wet shave their back in minutes. The baKblade shaver skips all of the unnecessary headaches that can come with shaving products and does exactly what it claims which results in a baby smooth shave in minutes. Sounds too easy?

The experience is pleasant, the results are Awesome and the purchase of the back shaver won’t break your Bank!
Are you searching for the best hair removal tool that will offer you smoothest results?
Join the millions of men around the world
Buy The Bakblade TODAY!

Detachable housing of shaver head for manscaping anywhere
Improved dryGlide Technology over previous version
Cleaning brush included
3 handle positions – fully extended for maximum reach, halfway position for shaving the shoulders, and fully collapsed for storage, including bonus shower mount
Improved s-shaped handle for improved reach
2 blades – Over 1 blade in original baKblade 1.0
Improved handle grip. Total redesign to fit the hand naturally
Safer and painless compared to lazer treatment and waxing