Product introduction
With the popularity of the car and the improvement of environmental awareness, the car is a super car with your happy travel super equipment.
1, The design is novel, the use of quality materials production;
2. Convenient loading and unloading, hanging safe, even in the bumps will not tilt;
3, Micro axial reciprocating cover design, convenient garbage and other investment
4. The upper part of the garbage can be removed, can be added to the garbage bag for easy cleaning
Matters needing attention
1. Do not place or install in the area may impede the operation of air bags and endanger the safety of driving;
2. Smokers should put some water in the trash, never directly to the lit cigarette butts are put in the trash can, in order to avoid barrel drying garbage combustion;
3, Should promptly clean up the trash can, so as to avoid the two pollution in the car.