Name: Glass cleaner
Material: ABS engineering plastic, natural rubber, neodymium iron boron magnet
Size: 125mm * 130mm ,Suitable thickness 3mm – 8 mm
Color: yellow
Applicable: Suitable for household glass cleaning, high-grade glass cleaning, housekeeping companies, etc.
Features: Scratch sync, both sides are more translucent. Double-sided strong magnetic water-staining dust is rubbed and dried. Once again, it will not be reworked. Increase the cleaning cotton, double scraping strips, scrape the synchronization, and clean the double-sided one time. Triangle breaks the design, the hands are not sour and labor-saving. Magnetic isolation bracket, security in place, intimate anti-pinch, to protect the safety of users. Safety rope cover, fall protection.
Logistics: We use international logistics, we need 15-25 days delivery, more than 30 days, please write to us in time;
After-sale: If the product is damaged in transit, you only need to provide us with a photo of the damaged parts, we will provide you with a solution as soon as possible, thank you for your cooperation;
Chromatic aberration: This is not a quality issue because the shooting angle or light may cause slight chromatic aberration.

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