Elco Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer 20L / 30726


20 Lts tank capacity with 12 volts 8/12 amp battery is ideal for spraying larger areas in minimum possible time without consuming any fuel. It provides the operator relief from continuous pumping of the conventional battery operated sprayer, fuel emission and loud noise of a motorized knapsack.A flick of the switch starts the sprayer. On a single charge the sprayer is capable of working for 4 hours to 10 hours depending upon its battery type.

Standard Accessories:
12 volts maintenance free battery.
100-240 volts AC charger.
Stainless Steel /Plastic/Brass spray lance, nozzles, 1.5 mts long PVC delivery pipe, trigger cut off device spare gasket and 4 extra Nozzles.
Optional Accessories:
Stainless Steel Jet gun
Pressure regulator
Powerful 12 volt diaphragm pump provides a 3.5-5.0 bar pressure and discharges more than 2.5 Ltr to 3.50 ltr per minute. A rechargeable maintenance free 12 volt 7/8 or 12 ah battery is provided to give trouble free performance.
A sturdy AC 100-240 volts 50-60 HZ charger is supplied along with the sprayer. A battery indicator is provided on the sprayer to check the battery strength. The sprayer is designed to rest comfortably on the operators back, padded cushions are provided for extra comfort.
It has a large filling hole with filter for easy filling without spillage. The sprayer is connected with stainless steel Hi Jet gun or a spray lance.

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Weight 5.7 kg
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