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“Flex” Tripod for Smartphone and GoPro, 28cm / 86097

3.00 $

Breathtaking smartphone photos from spectacular perspectives at unusual places. This bending tripod gives you the innovative flexibility to frame the perfect shot. The Flex tripod bends up to 360° so that you can secure it to any object.
* • The flexible legs are capable of bending up to 360° which allows optimal, secure attachment to various objects, e.g. railings, branches
* • 2-in-1 system for smartphones and GoPro cameras
* • Its compact size makes it ideal for travelling, holidays, hikes and outdoor trips
Smartphones now come equipped with excellent cameras that enable professional photography. Here the conventional selfie stick no longer fulfils the requirements. A bendable tripod lets you take breathtaking photos and videos because you can be completely flexible and innovative when choosing subjects. Our ‘Flex’ smartphone tripod is the ideal companion for taking blog, leisure and travel shots on your photo and video tour. For photos that not only remain in your memory, but are brought to life.
A camera tripod helps you get clear pictures without blur from shake – that’s perfectly clear! Our flexible tripod can do more: It lets you take sensational photos from unusual perspectives and viewing angles. The flexible legs can be individually and continuously bent. This 360° bending enables original shots at unusual, adventurous locations: On the tricky and challenging mountain tour, loop the bendable tripod around a rock or the wire cable, to capture the spectacular climb and descent; experience breathtaking nature photography by wrapping the flexible tripod around a branch; capture the slide trick with the skateboard from very close proximity and attach the smartphone tripod to the railings. Rubber feet provide additional grip if it is muddy and slippery.
For less spectacular situations, the tripod legs can be combined to give a practical monopod, for example, for a selfie.


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