product description: 
1. Planer Metal material, heat treatment and long service life make the teeth sharper and effectively improve the cutting level.
2. Special tooth shape design, the hole design on the planer, and the concrete is discharged.
3. The metal frame is planed and designed to be light and convenient.
4. Versatile, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, soft metal, etc.
Uses: wood, gypsum board surface treatment. The gums are sharp, and the cutting level is increased by a special process to make the gums even and tidy.
Weight: 340 grams
Size: 25*4*12CM
Model: 250mm/10 inch 311725
Total length (mm): 250
Total length (inches): 10
Specifications: 250
Series: Woodworking Tools
Specifications: 250
Series: Woodworking Tools
Caries thickness: middle teeth
Planer material: alloy
Uses: woodworking, decoration.