1. A classic skill game, you need a steady hand, don’t touch the wire, otherwise you will make a buzzing sound! The gameplay is simple, the handle does not touch the wire, and the game is unlimited, as long as it passes smoothly. 

2. Safe and reliable, powered by button battery, no harm to human body. The size is about 17*5*13cm/6.69*1.97*5.12in. Recommended for children over 3 years old. 

3. Hand-eye coordination and fine movement, develop large and small muscles, strengthen the brain’s ability to control the hand, stabilize the ability, and exercise the flexibility of the hands. 

4. Concentration ability exercises willpower, patience and concentration training, enhances children’s ability to eliminate interference and overcome inner anxiety. Strengthen the ability to resist stress, experience tension, cultivate a good attitude and calm thinking in a stressful and stressful environment. 

5. Very suitable for family gatherings, bar party toys, adult children’s toys. 


Color: blue, orange 

material: plastic 

Size: about 17*5*13cm/6.69*1.97*5.12in 

Packing List:

Electric Bump Maze Toy*1