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Hydraulic Jack 3-4-5-8TON / 19707

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Lifting weignt should not execeed the specified duty of this jack. The bottom of the jack should always be placed on the levelled and bard ground. .The contact between the top and the lifted bodv must be perfect. .Without a supporting rack, it is not allowed to work under the lifted heavy body after it is raised. .When several jacks are used together, the raising speed should be coincident with each other, and the duty of each should be balanced, otherwise the danger of topping over will happen.

Operation instructions:
To raise: Using the slotted opening at the end of the handle. turn the release-valve clockwise to tighten it. And then put the jack under the load to be lifted. Turn the adjustable screw rod until it contacts with the load.Put the handle in the pressing handle holder and press up the down the piston rod will rise slowly till the specified range is reached To lower Remove the pressing handle. Using the slotted opening at the end of the handle: turn the release-valve slightly counterclockwise to loosen it. And then the piston rod will move down slowly. When loaded, the release-valve should not be turned quickly, otherwise too speedy lowering will lead to danger.


3ton, 4ton, 5ton, 8ton

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