MDR-XB950BT EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Headphones / 73808


MDR-XB950BT EXTRA BASS™ Wireless Headphones / 73808

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Deep bass, without wires
It’s just you, your music, and your best beats
Set your pulse racing with vibrating bass. Powerful 40mm neodymium drivers combine with Beat Response Control and an Electro Bass Booster to reproduce the thump and thrill of club sound. And with built-in Bluetooth®, you’ll never need worry about wires getting in the way as you dance to your favourite tracks.
Powerful, punchy sound
Step up to punchy, resonating rhythms. Feel more depth and clarity with an Electro Bass Booster that recreates the thumping beats in your favourite dance music.
Electro Bass Booster
This battery-powered enhancer increases low-frequency sound using Digital Signal Processing to give a multi-sensory listening experience
Let the beat rock
Beat Response Control utilises sculpted air vents for clean, undistorted bass. These vents optimise low frequency airflow to accurately reproduce deep rhythms and beats.

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Black, Dark Blue, Gold, Gray, Green, Pink

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