Description The Wireless-N Mini Router, supports 802.11 N wireless transmission standards, and compatible with IEEE802.11 b/g standards. The Wireless-N Mini Router is Mainly used for providing free WIFI service in big area such as factory,community, street and allowing you to enjoy seamless wireless coverage throughout your home or office.. The Wireless-N MİNI Router makes it easy to connectivity to Pads, smartphones, laptops and more for HD streaming and gaming-allowing you to put your favorite chair in any room. The Wireless-N MINİ Router boosts your existing WiFi by increasing your range.

System Requirement
• 110-230-volt socket
• The WLAN client must support at least the WPA encryption standard.
• WLAN AP and the WLAN Client with automatic ip address assignment (DHCP)
•Forwarding of IPV4-based protocols/Address Resolution protocol.
• The network name(SSID) of the WLAN access point must be set to visible.
• The password for “WiFi” cannot contain any special characters