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Right Angled Fork Hoe is for breaking up soil and weeding much faster than a traditional fork. A personal favourite of mine.

The Fork Hoe is Ideal For Easily Working Raised Beds, comes with
handle included
Fork Hoe is for breaking up soil and weeding much faster than a traditional fork and easier on your back aswell….strong construction This is a personal favourite of mine and I use it all the time for all sorts of jobs. Weeding is something I particularily hate but this tool really does make it so much more managable, you can rake out small weeds and easily lever out large clumps of skutch grass and stubborn deep root plants. I’m not just tying to sell this, I genuinely love this tool!
The long fingers on the fork head are long enough to break up the soil to a depth for the deepest of root vegetable crops. If using raised beds then the yearly deep digging isnt needed and all that needs doing to prepare the soil for planting is just loosening and breaking up the soil to a depth deep enough for your crops roots. The Chillington Canterbury Fork can easily do this and because it comes equipped with a 1200mm long handle, it allows you to access the complete width of your raised beds with ease and no climbing on top of them or bad backs as sometimes happens when using the standard garden fork.
We had heard a lot about these solid no nonsense gardening tools before decided to stock them. They are bomb proof old fashioned implements that really last a lifetime. The blade of these tools sits at right angles to the shaft making digging, chopping and levering motions so much easier and more natural than an ordinary spade or fork. You can do some serious damage with these vegetable gardening heavies! Just remember they are not a fancy pants new gardening tool so the handles are old style rough and ready but they certainly do the job.

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