Swing Fitness Stepper / 34862


Swing Fitness Stepper / 34862

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Mini stepper exercise equipment with adjustable resistance knob(Find your own height and rhythm).
Small and light-weight home stepper which is portable and easy to store(under desk or in corner).
LCD Displays: Time, Counts, Calories burned and Frequency(tracking your own exercise process).
Using steppers for exercise like using stair stepper, work out your waist, legs and hip. Add exercise bands, work on your upper body like arms, shoulders and back.
Recommend you do push&up on the exercise stepper(put your hands on pedal), it can train your balance of strength.(Try to be careful,may be hard for some people)
Product Description
Easy to move.
Low noise will not disturb you.
Triangle feet will keep the item more stable.
40 mins exercise on the machine will be effective as outdoor running.
[Special of Dr.Health Home Use Twister Stepper]
Some parts of muscle that you usually hard to exercise will starting move(it may be tired for beginner or fat people).
Stair climbing is not that easy as you think.Before using. Adjusting the knob to find your pedal height and resistance.
Do push&up on the machine will train your balance.
Exercising with Dr. Health! You will like this stable full body workout machine. Enjoying your Happy and Health life!

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