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Traveler Camping Outdoor 8-In-1

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Traveler Camping Outdoor 8-In-1 Swiss Army Knife With Flashlight
With 14 tools included, the Knife is made to support you on your adventures
Particularly if you are considering tackling something substantive
Into your backyard to put that new BBQ together
A sturdy and durable design, lightweight pocket knife for anyone who loves having a multi purpose tool by their side
The Climber Pocket knife includes familiar and traditional Swiss Army knife tools such as a large and small blade, can opener, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver and wire stripper
Made from first class Stainless Steel
Handle made of high Impact Polymer, Red
Large Blade
Small Blade
A Saw Knife
Can Opener with small Screwdriver
Bottle Opener with large Screwdriver
Wire Stripper
Reamer with Sewing Eye
Sanding Tool
Flash Light included

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