Yaxun Yx Td Adjustable Rework Support Platform / 78188

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-The YX-TD rework platform comes with an innovative independent work system, that is, with it you are free from using a “third hand” to assist you.

– Its base is made of enameled metallic material, with rubberized feet and also has 2 independent support clamps, with a magnetic system that attaches to it and can be adjusted according to the size of the component under maintenance, thus providing versatility and practicality. to your user.

– This rework base has a support rod attached to the base and an adjustable support that makes it possible to attach an air blower (small [A] or large [B]). This rod has an adjustable safety lock that regulates the distance between the blower and the component, leaving it stuck and immobile on the plate and, consequently, allowing total mobility for the operator who remains with both hands free.

– The YX-TD work platform is accompanied by some accessories that will make your day-to-day maintenance even easier. Among its accessories comes a reel of enameled copper wire for restoring trails or paths in flexible cables and printed circuit boards (CI). In addition, it also comes with two tweezers, with both thin points (1-Straight and 1-Curve), which will assist in the handling of any equipment.

– As it is a compact and dismountable work base, the YX-TD becomes very practical and convenient, and can be transported and installed anywhere.

– Robust and extremely resistant material;
– Magnetic system with strong fixation;
– Accompanied by accessories;
– Versatile;
– Practice;
– Compact.

– Max. of the small blower holder: 41.8mm
– Max. of the large blower holder: 64.2mm
– Base dimensions: 25 x 20cm (LxW);
– Straight forceps: 135 x 8mm (LxW);
– Curved forceps: 110 x 9mm (LxW);
– Spool of enameled copper wire 0.1mm;
– Weight: 1.6 Kg.