The LCD Separator Wrench / Pliers is a tool developed especially for technicians who work with maintenance of LCD screens and touch screens of smartphones in general, in order to facilitate work.    Due to the separation of LCD screens and touch screens from smartphones present great difficulty, it is necessary to develop innovative tools, among them, the LCD Separator.    The LCD Separator Pliers have at their ends two suction cups of powerful fixation, attached to two plastic “heads” that allow to modify their positions back and forth. Inside the LCD Separator Key there is a support for the exact fit of the smartphone that can have a maximum width of up to 86mm, since the openings are self-adjusting.    The cable of the LCD Separator Pliers is rubberized to prevent the operator’s hand from sliding during the work, and also has a spring system between both cables in order to keep it always open.    If you are facing difficulties during your smartphone maintenance you can count on the usefulness of the LCD Separator Pliers that will perform this task in a simple, fast and effective way.